3838 (breakbeat - suck it and see why dont you?)
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    lets turn the clock forward to 3838 - only 1834 years to go..dont worry though, the time-warping ending brings you back to 2004, so no need to pack a suitcase..

    the labyrinth of lazarus (hard melodic trance)
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    I've been using reason 2.5 for the last two months and it is stable, has a good sequencer, good sound modules, good interface, i cannot compain, it is the best. Worth selling cubase for...

    I've not been into trance music for a while now, a friend of mine gave me trancemaster 3003 and i thought it was Ok but thought i could do better, so i did!
    Anyway, the tune is about a months work by myself, download the 320kbps mp3 version as the 128 does not do it justice,or the ogg version if you can play ogg.

    a good mile and a half (deep ambient trance)
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    Tribal rythyms, warm synth-strings, ambient guitar playing, deep (almost dub) bass line with a rock-rolling breakbeat + kick drum firing up to get you moving. A lot of twists, turns and ambient sections making this track a killer
    This tune will be avaliable on 12" vinyl soon, and the new E.P cd to be released by realisation before the end of the year.